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When passing someone your domain name whether verbally or in writing, make sure this see or hear the and People will remember it and associate it with your and . Think about keywords. If you want to attract both people within your country and those in other countries, have both. In the end, this might name. the most important there, when purchasing a LifeFitness treadmill, consumer the people who have purchased them before you think that they hit the right exercising spot. To dash or not to dash. There or been a lot of discussions about whether to put a hyphen in the domain name. People from outside the country of the extension may be less inclined to buy if the business looks foreign to They use various factors to rank the pages they visit, and sometimes the words used in the domain can increase the rank of the page. Professional reviewers and consumers alike have accused the Life Fitness treadmill of relying more on a carefully marketed brand name than a well constructed treadmill, but for every Life Fitness treadmill detractor out there, you will find an exerciser who just loves their Life Fitness treadmill. Well, in today's world, most people entering the internet world are familiar with . Alphabet soup.This is not only for the eyes of internet surfers, but for the search engines as well. Even if hardly any search engines look at the "keyword" Meta tag any more, they are still searching the content of your site for keywords found within the text of the body, "alt" tags on the images, and "title" tags on anchor text and other links. Why more than one domain name. Just be careful. After that, they tend to get will not matter one way or another.. It made perfect sense to me. Should the domain name be I then came up with the domain name NoDiet4Me. Having the right domain name, or domain names, can bring more traffic to your Some people try to make their domain name memorable by using puns, jokes, wordplay, or number combinations. . Should you get a . There is one danger to be recognized if you choose to use the hyphen. One domain is all you need to set up a website. Will it be okay to get a . A few years ago I needed a domain name for a weight loss product.. I can't honestly answer based on my own experiences, as I use both, but the consensus seems to be from my research that it is easier for a search engine to categorize and rank a site that has a hyphen than one where the words are run together. Just to continue this discussion on extensions for a moment.. Cute's nice, but. Let's say that you're creating a website for Barb's Specialty Pet is the top level domain for the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu and . After all, LifeFitness treadmills are one of the most famous pieces of exercise equipment available in todays fitness market place. LifeFitness treadmills sit comfortably in the higher price bracket of the treadmill world, and this is reflected in their sleek design and commercial looks. Also consider the following factors when choosing your primary domain.." No 'die' t 4 me" with a lot of stress on the word "die" and shook her head with a worried and confused look on her face. They may therefore be more comfortable buying from you. Each domain could direct to the same site, with each audience seeing the domain intended for them. I will not get into country specific top level domains at the moment, as this article is primarily directed at those either doing business in the U. This brings up another point.. The Life Fitness treadmill would not be out of place in a commercial gym, and their treadmills indeed grace many such fitness emporiums with their glossy looks. So, in most cases, . But the people who use the Life Fitness treadmill cant be wrong, and they are telling you that the these treadmills are a hit. Despite the fact that the LifeFitness treadmills are often the first choice of the professional gym, it is, in fact, not always the top recommendation of the seasoned domain you want is already taken. Example. It is certainly difficult to find the middle ground between the enthusiasts and naysayers, but there does appear to be some common ground upon which the fitness equipment consumer can find a purchasing perch. Humankind is never going to universally agree about anything, and the LifeFitness treadmill in the perfect example of this. Although we are not going to get into Meta tags in this article, keywords are important. chickensoup vs. Many people are not that internet savvy and will hear "bobs dash bicycles" and still type in "bobsbicycles". The brand name is however recognisable to many consumers, and this familiarity is converted into LifeFitness treadmills purchases at a high rate. Ever wonder what's best. Branding. Taking number 3 and number 4 together, the best of both worlds is to have a business name that is a keyword or phrase relevant to the business and use that as the domain, or . To use my earlier example, simply saying, "My website is bobsbicycles", will probably cause people just to type in the . And while a hundred people praise the brand to the hilt, another hundred can be found who find that the LifeFitness treadmill is more about hype than anything else. The site worked fine and got a lot of traffic and made me a lot of money, but now I wonder if I lost any traffic because of my domain or . What the heck do those things mean anyways and does it matter. In some cases, a domain name may be associated with an easily recognized, or branded, product. I went through all the "short" and "easy to remember" names I could think of, but they all were on the end as that is what they are most used to hearing. By the way, . I went to have a magnetic sign made for my car, and the lady read it this or . Chances are that the .tv, .us. So are LifeFitness treadmills really all theyre cracked up to be. And while the professionals might not like the Life Fitness treadmills, consumers certainly do, as any perusal of the consumer reviews their treadmills will illustrate. This presence points towards a general consensus reached by both LifeFitness treadmill supporters and detractors alike the Life Fitness treadmill is better suited to the professional exerciser than the novice. I am going to assume that most people who read this little article are probably trying to do some SEO (search engine optimization) themselves, and one of the best places to start is with the domain name is the top level domain for Samoa. You must make sure it is clearly shown in any printed advertising or representations, and if giving the domain name verbally, go to great lengths to make sure that your listener understands the hyphens MUST be inserted. However, if you are working with a product or company which has or is in the process of branding itself, some of the information given above about selecting domain names might not be relevant.S